Wisdom Teeth Removal – Taking a Closer Look at the Removal of Wisdom Teeth

The wisdom teeth are our third set of molars, the last teeth that erupt. It comes so late that they usually grow when we are around the ages of 17-25. Controversy has been all around these wisdom teeth for there are some who say they need to be removed. Often enough, when these teeth do not cause pain, they are said to be fine to stay. But there are times the wisdom teeth cause pain and much discomfort. This is usually caused by the teeth growing in a bad position, and this is the time they need to be removed Doc V Lee.

These teeth are sometimes impacted when they first erupt. And as most of us know, when a tooth is impacted they need to be extracted. In some instances, these impacted teeth are pulled out. But most of the time, they need to be cut out by professional surgeons. Oral surgeons are the ones who take out the wisdom teeth that needs to be extracted. So if ever you have impacted wisdom teeth, make sure to go find a dentist and an oral surgeon for a consultation.

Your surgeon will ask you to take some x-rays and he will give you his insight of how bad your wisdom teeth are. He will explain to you what the conditions are based on the x-ray results. Next, the surgeon will look in your mouth and all your options will be broken down to you. You will have the choice to use either local anesthesia or go through IV sedation if your wisdom teeth are going to be either pulled or cut out. But if the wisdom teeth are to be extracted, the usual choice of dentists and surgeons would be IV sedation. This is to make sure that you will be so relaxed while the procedure is done that you wouldn’t even know anymore what’s going on. On the other hand, should you choose to go with the local anesthesia, the experience will be numbing but you will be aware of everything. What may make you feel uncomfortable is the cracking and popping sounds you will hear while the wisdom teeth are being pulled out.

The wisdom tooth removal process will change depending on the teeth’s size, shape. and formation. Worst case scenario would be when the tips of the teeth’s roots have been wrapped around the bone – this will be considerably painful and quite time consuming. However, once the extraction procedure is done, no need to worry because you will most likely experience just a little to no swelling at all. Of course, just like most tooth extraction procedures, your dentist, local dentist, or surgeon will prescribe you with pain killers, so make sure you take them as soon as you get home. Otherwise, if you chose to take the IV sedation, make sure someone will be driving you home because you sure won’t be able to do so.

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